About Encirc Academy

In the last 16 years Encirc has built a business from an initial greenfield plant in Northern Ireland to a company that accounts for 32% of the combined UK and Irish container glass market.

Encirc's vision is to become a world leading container glass manufacturing business by investing in people, technology and a policy of continuous improvement.  Our training, standard operating procedures and continuous improvement processes are world class. Our machine suppliers, Emhart, cite Encirc as the benchmark of high productivity using their machines.

The Encirc Academy has been founded in response to requests from the industry and others to share world class journey by providing training, support and assistance for companies outside the UK to help them achieve increased productivity in their manufacturing process.

The Encirc Academy is a world leading provider of training and consultancy for the global container glass making industry.

We offer tailor made technical and service assistance packages that will improve the quality of manufactured product and plant efficiency for significant and measureable cost improvements. At our state of the art glass factory we can demonstrate best practice and the highest standards in action.

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