We offer extensive skills and knowledge based on long term experience in the glass manufacturing industry. Our services are invaluable for glass container manufacturers striving to improve their quality and efficiencies to increase profitability.

We practice standardization of process controls from raw materials through to the finished product. Ultimately this will achieve sustainability, improve quality and increase efficiencies.

In 2015, Encirc Academy has worked with a significant number of global industry players, in countries such as South Africa, Turkey, USA, and Mexico.

Our services include:

1. Initial Audit

  • In situ, an experienced senior team will carry out independent audits to understand the complexities and capabilities of the customers glass plant, with a view to improving quality and efficiencies.
  • Non-biased documentation will be issued highlighting where future improvements can be made following a program of operational and technical, learning and support.

2. Tailor-made Training with Support Package

Our aim is to create a training program around the identified needs of the customer which will include:

  • Batch and furnace
  • Forehearths
  • Forming
  • IS Machine/Job change
  • Engineering
  • Design/Product development
  • Mould shop
  • Inspection capabilities
  • Quality control
  • People management
  • Organizational structure

Through intensive 'on the job' learning, the trainees will be able to gain essential operational and technical skills and experience whilst at our Plants in both the UK and Ireland.

3. Standardisation

  • Closed loop process controls in all areas of the products journey.
  • Controlled process > Quality > Profitability
  • Fully developed SOP's and training packages in all areas of the process will lead to accountability and improve standards and results.

4. Organization Structure and Management Development

Overview of the Management structure and possible developments


Management Control and Reporting System (MCRS) may show that the basics are in place but much more rigour is needed to get the full benefit from the current management system.

5. Lean for Glass

Delivery of benefits in production through lean techniques, utilising where possible, a Kaizen approach of learning via solving real problems.

  • Stabilisation and standardisation
  • Melt to pack
  • Production losses
  • Quality built in to process
  • Inspection capability's